Green Tara in Thangka painting

  • Sachin Dev
  • 2018
  • Himachal Pradesh, India
  • Painting
  • Stone colour on cotton canvas
  • Nil
  • 124.9x 100 cm
  • Bihar museum,Patna,Bihar,India

Present masterpiece of contemporary Thangka painting is shown the effigy of Green Tara. She is represented by  green colour, two full bloomed lotuses in both hands and sits upon lotus pedestal in ardhparyankasana. She is attended by two consorts Ashokanta and Ekajati. Green Tara is also known as Khadiravani which represented her as forest goddess, dweller in the Khadira forest and is generally associated with plant life, flowers, acacia (khadira) trees and the wind. Because of her association with nature and plants, Her pure land in Mount Potala is described as Covered with manifold trees and creepers, resounding with the sound of many birds, And with murmur of waterfalls, thronged with wild beasts of many kinds; Many species of flowers grow everywhere. Her association with the wind element (vaayu) also means that she is swift in responding to calls for any aid. 

South Asia: 700-contemporay era

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