Virtual Exhibitions Curated by the August Workshop Cohort

The 5-day Virtual Workshop on Museum Curation (10–14 August 2020) within the U.S.–India Professional Collaboration initiative organised by the Center for Art & Archaeology (CA&A) of the American Institute of Indian Studies (AIIS), supported by the U.S. Mission to India, New Delhi was designed to teach the Fellows the role of a curator and improve their interpretation and label writing skills. The Fellows took part in course work and their concluding assignment was to curate a virtual exhibition. The working sessions of the workshop and the preceding assignments on writing a label and developing a checklist equipped them with theoretical and practical approaches to curating. The Fellows were given three months to create a concept, checklist and design their exhibitions under the mentorship of Dr. Madhuvanti Ghose.

The final assignments display the diverse experiences and disciplinary expertise of the fourteen Fellows. The exhibitions cover an interesting array of themes such as the evolution of textiles, archaeological subjects and contemporary art. These are the fourteen Virtual Exhibitions curated by the Fellows:

We All Share the Same Hair by Vaishnavi Kambadur; State of Mind: Between Dysphoria and Hope in Crisis by Sayali Mundye; Patterns That Remain: Floor & Wall Drawings in the Jyoti Bhatt Archive by Samira Bose; Abstraction: Jagdish Swaminathan and Gulam Rasool Santosh by Shruti Ramlingaiah; Reflections – Few Early works of M.F. Husain by Deepak Bharathan Alathur; Islamic Talismans: A Symbol of Faith by Zahid Ali Ansari; Blue-and-white Treasures from Firozshah Kotla by Aprajita Sharma; Sirpur: Where Archaeology meets Spirituality by Keka Banerjee Adhikari; Tara: Goddess of Enlightenment, Wisdom and Empathy by Vishi Upadhyay; Yakshaswaroop Shiva (Shiva–a celestial being) by Manoj Kumar; Connotations of Bull Motifs from Haryana: Archaeological Perspectives by Suruchika Chawla; Chanderi: Woven in History by Munmun Mondal; A Garment of History: The Blouse and its Evolution in India by Darshan Shah; Jim Corbett–Hunter to a Protector by Anjali Bharthari.

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